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Help Portrait Status Update

November 30th, 2011 No comments

Homeless ChildrenIt’s hard to believe that we are only 10 days away from the Help Portrait for Indy School On Wheels next Saturday, December 10th. Thanks to everyone who has stepped forward to take part in this event, which literally brings smiles to people’s faces.

Recently, I spoke with a couple of potential participants who called to ask about the Help Portrait opportunity. They were so excited about the idea of having a ‘real’ portrait of their kids, as it isn’t something that they could ever afford to do. What a simple, but really powerful thing you are doing to help others.

At the request of our incredible partners, Roberts Park United Methodist Church and School On Wheels, the portrait opportunity has also been extended to IndyReads and Latino Health Organization. It has the potential to be a very busy day.

If you have volunteered or are interested in filling an available slot, check out our current list of volunteers and available spaces. We are most in need of hair stylists and make-up artists, so if you know of anyone who can pitch in for a few hours, please let them know about this event. You can sign up to volunteer here.

If you cannot make it to the event, but still want to help in some way, we have a list of donations needed, which includes snacks and meals, ink for printers and picture frames. We would love to have a picture frame available for every family that comes through. If you have a donation or loan available after viewing the list, you can provide donation/loan support here.

Donations of cash are welcome via the SOW First Giving site, and will be applied toward supplies and to help provide transportation to the families. While we found a place that is centrally located downtown, School On Wheels has 12 locations that they serve throughout Indianapolis and some families won’t be able to participate if they don’t have a shuttle, bus fare or other ways to get to the event site.

Volunteers have asked if their kids can help, as well. Kids are certainly welcome to come out and support the event. There will be a craft area to keep kids busy while they wait for their photo to be taken or printed. It would be great to have kids helping out in that area.

Volunteers who have already signed up can read about event details here.

Once again, thanks to each of you who has stepped forward to help on the Help Portrait event. We are looking forward to it and to seeing all of you then.

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Indy Photo Coach January to April 2012 Classes Announced

November 24th, 2011 No comments

We are pleased to announce our class and workshop schedule for January through April 2012. We plan on posting more offerings of classes in the future, so make sure you receive the IPC newsletter each week and are connected to us on Facebook and Twitter

Click “Learn more” next to each class or click here to enroll.

Fundamentals of Photography Learn more.
Adobe Lightroom for Photographers Learn more.
The Art of Sports Photography Learn more.

Fundamentals of Photography Learn more.
Beginning Wedding Photography Learn more.
Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Learn more.

Fundamentals of Photography Learn more.
Adobe Lightroom for Photographers Learn more.
The Art of Sports Photography Learn more.
Wedding Experience (March 10)

Fundamentals of Photography Learn more.

More classes and dates are coming soon!

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Tip: Attend Social Shoots to Grow as a Photographer

November 16th, 2011 1 comment

LeavesPhotography get-togethers offer a lot more than  commradery. They are great ways to grow as a photographer.  When you see how other photographers photograph the same scene or subject, it tells you a lot about the way you see things and ways you might improve your own photographs.

Here are some things to you might do at your next social shoot:

  • Talk to other photographers about the gear they brought to the shoot and why.
  • Ask other photographers their goal for the day.
  • Get their Flickr information so you see can see what they accomplished after the fact.

Photography is all about choices. Seeing the choices other photographers made in the same situation is one of the best ways to learn and improve.

Written by Trevor Warren

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Tip: Pocket Release Forms

November 9th, 2011 No comments

image[3]If you always have a camera with you like I do, you probably encounter a lot of everyday situations that would make for great pictures. If you’re photographing people or buildings and think you’ll ever want to use the image for commercial purposes, you’re going to need to have a signed model release form or property release form.

It’s much easier to take care of this on the spot vs. exchanging information and trying to get one after the fact. One great way to be prepared is to create pocket sized release form that you can easily carry with you at all times.

There are several sample release forms you can find on the web. Unless they were written by a legal expert specifically for your location however, you should consult an attorney in your local area to guarantee you are protected. Below are some resources for informational use:

    Hopefully these links will help you create release form you can carry with you so you never miss another opportunity!
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Tip: Action Photography Tips

November 3rd, 2011 No comments

If you are looking to improve your action photography below are some strategy tips that will help.

1. Shoot in Burst Mode
Nearly all DSLR’s are "Burst Mode" capable with a minimum rate of 3 frames per second. Taking multiple shots at once will improve your odds of getting the shot.

2. Use a Fast Memory Card
A lot of people do not realize that memory card speeds  vary significantly. What this means to you is, a faster memory card will let you take more photos at the crucial moment. Right now the cheaper memory cards are 133x (133 time the speed of a CD Rom). These cheaper cards can write about 2 Raw files per second which will make your burst mode much less effective. The high end cards today are 600x speed which would allow you to capture 8 Raw files per second (if your camera is capable of that speed). The difference will cost you though. A 16GB memory card at 133x speed is about $30. The same size card at 600x speed may cost $75 –$100.

3. Use Continuous Autofocus Mode
Some of the great moments during a sporting event only last a fraction of a second. You won’t have time to refocus on a subject in many instances. Switching your camera from "Single" autofocus mode (where you refocus each time you take a picture) to "Continuous" autofocus, which will instantaneously refocus for you, will be a great help and is crucial in Burst mode.

4. Use a Sturdy Tripod
If you are in a position where you must shoot action from a distance a sturdy tripod can be crucial to getting sharp images. The greater the zoom power of your lens, the more of a factor camera shake becomes. A sturdy tripod, preferably one that can pan smoothly to follow action will be a significant help.

Hopefully these tips will help improve your action shots! If you would like to learn more techniques sign up for one of our Sports Photography classes.

Written by Trevor Warren

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