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Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2008

"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it."


• Holiday Photo Contest Winners!

To see the entries, follow this link.

1st Place: 2008 Circle City Xmas by Julie Kramer
The uniqueness, extra effort and photojournalistic qualities were more than enough to catch an eye.  Composition &  relation to Indianapolis also added merit.
Award: $75 Indy Photo Coach Gift Certificate

2nd Place: Holiday 2008 by Miya Evans:
The movement & concept caused us to take second and third glances.  Very creative.
Award: $10 off any upcoming class or workshop

3rd Place: Expressions by "Agnisflugen"
We enjoyed the moment, the format, and certainly the expressions
Award: $5 off any upcoming class or workshop

Special thanks to everyone who posted entries!  Keep looking for periodic contests we’ll offer throughout 2009.

Click here for rules, guidelines & more info.
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• Tip of the week: Geometry Composition

In the past few months we’ve touched on composition using the "rule of thirds" and composing with odd numbers.  What geometric shape uses odd numbers, three’s and lines?    See? Photography can be fun and simple!

  • Triangles can be real or implied: actual lines creating a triangle (see Gillian Spring’s photo to the right), or 3 separate objects that create an "implied" triangle (see photo below.)

    Photo by instructor, David Horton

  • They can be used as "lead-in" perspective-lines, drawing you to the subject of the photo or giving depth (see photo below).

    Photo by "agnisflugen"

  • They follow the odd-number theory, that the human mind will always see odd numbered objects as more "visually pleasing" than even numbered objects.  This draws the viewer’s eyes into the photo, instead of bouncing between two or four objects in the photo.

Again, like most concepts in photography, this is a design guideline, not an unbreakable law. 

For practice this week, make an attempt at shooting obvious triangles, or creating one from three separate objects or lines in the frame.  Go make your grade-school geometry teacher proud!

These tips and more can be learned in any Indy Photo Coach class or lesson.

Visit the website for more information

• Upcoming Events

Fundamentals of Photography Class (February) Register now!

Experience Builder Class (Spring ’09)

NEW: Adobe Lightroom Class  (February) Register now!
April ’09: Susan Komen Race For The Cure – Photojournalism Workshop

May ’09: Indy Mini Marathon / 500 Festival Photojournalism Workshops

TBA: Indy Photo Coach "Before & After"

TBA: Fishers / Carmel Fundamentals Class (February ’09)

TBA: Digital Photography 101

TBA: Beginning Wedding Photography

TBA: Wedding Photography I, II, III  (February or March ’09)

TBA: Minimalist Lighting Class (Spring ’09)

New classes are being planned… keep posted!

Photo Highlights From Flickr

This week from the IPC Flickr Group:

Photo by Lindsay Amore

New Years Resolutions: How will you improve this year?

  • Stephanie Stewart: "Practice, practice, practice some more! Read more on photography. Learn PhotoShop. Grow my own semi started business. Keep learning and having fun! Find new inspiration. Share my hobby with others."
  • Serge Melki: "12 Mega pixels!  is my Photography New year’s resolution :-)"

Classes: What classes would you like to see offered?

Assignments: Designed to help you exercise your creativity and see everyday life differently.

NEW: Assignment: B&W Contrast: Black & white can create more of an impact than color.

NEW: Assignment: Geometry Part Deux: Circles & Ovals

NEW: Assignment: Triangle Compositions: Venture back to geometry class and let’s see those triangles.

Photo by Gillian Spring

Assignment: Ice: Icicles, frozen trees, etc. Focus on composition using ice.

Assignment: Mirrors: Reflections are great to experiment with… What’s yours look like?

    Photo by David Scott

    Assignment: Water: With water as your subject, show us your best shots of H2O

    Photo by Kevin Roche

    Assignment: Fire: ‘Tis the season for fireplaces, hot cocoa, & chimneys. Use those great creative skills for a shot of some sort of fire.  Fireplaces, candles, matches, campfires, etc.  Just don’t get hurt!

    Assignment: Silhouette: Welcome to the world of backlighting :) 

    Assignment: Advertisement: Post a photo that looks like it could be used in an ad for a product or service.

    Alphabet "S": Create a photo that shows an "S" shape without showing text.

    "Full": Show your visual interpretation of the word "Full"

    Simplicity: Compose a very simple shot.

    Beloved Object: Show us something that means alot to you.

    Self-Portrait: Practice and show us who you are!  Start those creative engines and introduce yourself photographically!

    Photo by Gary Robinson

    • Flickr Pool

    Upload your best shots and comment on other Indianapolis photographers’ work.  Be inspired.

    Photo by Lindsay Amore

    Photo by Serge Melki

    Photo by "ok4ablonde"

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